How do I use push to talk (PTT) on my Nokia device?

Some features may not be available in your region. Please check the availability with a local operator.

Select Menu > Applications > PTT.

Push to talk (PTT) (network service) is a real-time, voice-over-IP service that uses a cellular network. PTT provides direct voice communication, with the push of a key. Use PTT to have a conversation with one person or with a group of people.

Before you can use PTT, you must define the PTT settings (access point, PTT, SIP, XDM, and Presence). You may receive the settings in a special text message from the service provider that offers the PTT service. You can also use the Settings wizard application to configure PTT, if supported by your service provider. For more information on the PTT application, see the user guide for your device or your local Nokia website.

In PTT communication, one person talks while the others listen through the built-in loudspeaker.

Speakers take turns responding to each other. Because only one group member can talk at any time, the maximum duration of a speech turn is limited. The maximum duration is usually set to 30 seconds. For details of the speech turn duration for your network, contact your service provider.

Phone calls always take priority over push to talk activities.

Log in and exit PTT

When you start the push to talk (PTT) service, you are automatically logged in and connected to the channels that were active the last time you closed the application. If the connection fails, to attempt to log in again, select Options > Log in to PTT.

To exit PTT, select Options > Exit.

To switch to another open application, press and hold the menu key.

Make and receive a PTT call

To make a PTT call, press and hold the call key as long as you talk. To listen to the response, release the call key. To check the login status of your contacts, in PTT, select Options > PTT contacts > Contacts to if person available, person unknown, person does not want to be disturbed, but can receive callback request or person has PTT switched off.

This service depends on your network operator and is only available for subscribed contacts. To subscribe a contact, select Options > Show login status.

Make a one-to-one call

To make One-to-one call select Options > PTT contacts > Contacts. Select the contact you want to talk to and Options > Talk 1 to 1. Press and hold the PTT key the entire time you are talking. When you have finished, release the key.

To talk to a contact, press and hold the PTT key also in other views in the PTT application, for example, the Contacts view.

To make a new phone call, first end the one-to-one call. Select Disconnect.

Tip: Hold the device in front of you during a PTT call so you can see the display. Speak towards the microphone, and do not cover the loudspeaker with your hands.

Make a group call

To call a group, select Options > PTT contacts > Contacts, mark the contacts you want to call, and select Options > Talk to many.

Answer a PTT call

To answer a one-to-one call, press the call key. To dismiss the call, press the end key.

Tip: You can also make a one-to-one or group call from Contacts. Select Options > PTT > Talk 1 to 1 or Talk to many.