How do I configure the push to talk (PTT) settings on my Nokia device?

Push to Talk (PTT) is the network service and some of features may not be available in your region. For availability contact your service provider. Select Menu >Applications > PTT.

On the PTT application select Options > Settings > User settings and from the following:

  • Incoming calls - Select whether to allow or block PTT calls.
  • Incoming callback reqs. - Select whether to receive or block incoming callback requests.
  • Accepted list calls - Select whether to be notified of incoming PTT calls or to answer the calls automatically.
  • Callback request tone - Select a ringing tone for callback requests.
  • Application start-up - Select if you want to log into the PTT service when you switch on your device.
  • Default nickname - Enter your default nickname that is displayed to other users. You may not be able to edit this setting.
  • Show my PTT address - Select when to show you PTT address to the other parties of the call. You may not be able to select some of the options.
  • Accepted list - Select who you want to allow to contact you.
  • Blocked list - Select who you never want to be able to contact you.
  • Show my login status - Select when to show your current login status to others. Your service provider may not necessarily support this feature.

Select Options > Settings > Connection settings:

  • Select to edit your connection settings if necessary (these settings, including SIP, XDM and Presence settings, may have been delivered over the air).