How do I configure the home screen widgets to use WLAN?

The home screen web run-time widgets will use for online connections the same destination as the web browser. The connections can be routed to wireless LAN (WLAN) by creating first a destination with WLAN access point:

  • select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Destinations.
  • create WLAN access point in Access point menu.
  • select the destination where the WLAN access point will be placed (e.g. the default destination group "Internet").

If there's other access points in the destination group, check that the WLAN access point is the highest priority access point. Use Options > Organise > Change priority to adjust the order.

When the destination group with WLAN access point has been created, select it as the default destination in web browser settings:

  • open the web browser and select  Options > Settings > General > Access point.
  • select the destination group where the WLAN access point was added in the above steps (e.g. "Internet").

Switch the home screen to online mode by selecting Options > Content to online mode. If the destination group contains both WLAN and packet data access point, the connection is attempted first through the WLAN access point (if set to highest priority) and then through the packet data access point if the WLAN connection is not available.