How is instant messaging (IM) used on my Nokia phone?

You can take text messaging to the next level by experiencing instant messaging (IM) (network service) in a wireless environment. You can engage in IM with friends and family, regardless of the mobile system or platform (like the internet) they are using, as long as you all use the same IM service.Before you can start using IM, you must first subscribe to your wireless service provider’s text messaging service and register with the IM service you want to use. You must also obtain a user name and password before you can use IM.Note: Depending on both your IM service provider and your wireless service provider, you may not have access to all of the features.The icons and texts on the display may vary, depending on the IM service.While you are connected to the IM service, you can use the other functions of the phone, and the IM conversation remains active in the background. Depending on the network, the active IM conversation may consume the phone battery faster, and you may need to connect the phone to a charger.