You can record pieces of speech, sound, or an active call, and save them in Gallery. This is useful when recording a name and phone number to write down later.The recorder cannot be used when a data call or GPRS connection is active.

Record sound

  1. Select Menu > Media > Recorder. To use the graphical keys on the display, scroll left or right to the desired key, and select it.
  2. To start the recording, select the start graphical key. To start the recording during a call, select Options > Record. While recording a call, all parties to the call hear a faint beeping. When recording a call, hold the phone in the normal position near to your ear. To pause the recording, select the stop graphical key.
  3. To end the recording, select the stop graphical key. The recording is saved in Gallery > Recordings. To listen to the latest recording, select Options > Play last recorded. To send the last recording, select Options > Send last recorded. To see the list of recordings, select Menu > Gallery > Recordings You can transfer your recordings to your computer by PC suite.