What types of service tags are compatible with NFC connectivity on my Nokia phone?

A tag can contain a shortcut which can be an SMS-based service, an URL of an internet-based service, a business card, or a phone number of a telephone service.The Nokia Near Field Communication (NFC) phone is compatible with non battery-powered (passive) tags. Use the following tag types: MIFARE (Standard, Standard 4k, Ultralight, and DESFire), Sony FeliCa, and Innovision (Jewel and Topaz).You may obtain tags from these manufacturers or from a local supplier.You may also use other ISO14443-4A and ISO14443-4B compliant tags or cards.

Note: To use this device for payment and ticketing purposes, an appropriate secure application must be installed on the device. For information on availability of the service and installation of the secure application, contact your local service provider.