FAQ - How do I use the call log (view missed, received and dialed calls) on my Nokia phone? (Series 40 Phones)

The phone registers your missed, received, and dialed calls if the network supports it and the phone is switched on and within the network service area.Select Menu > Log > Missed calls, Received calls, or Dialled numbers. To view your recent missed and received calls and the dialed numbers chronologically, select Call log. To view the contacts to whom you most recently sent messages, select Msg. recipients.To view the approximate information on your recent communications, select Menu > Log > Call duration, Data counter, or Pack. data timer.To view how many text and multimedia messages you have sent and received, select Menu > Log > Message log.Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from your service provider may vary, depending on network features, rounding off for billing, taxes, and so forth. Some timers may be reset during service or software upgrades.