When you receive a message, there is a notification displayed on the home screen. You can open the message directly from the home screen.

Select Show to open the message.

By default, the message opens in the Conversation view. The Conversation view contains all the messages sent to and received from a particular contact. If you have received messages from several contacts, the messages open in the Conversations list.

Read the message later

  1. Select > Messaging.

  2. Select the conversation containing the message.

  3. Select the message.

Reply to a received message

  1. Select .

  2. Write your reply, and select .

Forward a message

  1. Select > Forward.

  2. Edit the message if needed, and select .

Save a received multimedia item

In the multimedia message, select and hold the item, and from the pop-up menu, select Save.

The item can be viewed in the corresponding application. For example, to view saved pictures, select > Gallery.

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