Learn how to share videos during a call.

About video sharing

You can share live or recorded video from your phone to another compatible phone, during a voice call. Video sharing is a network service.

When you activate video sharing, the loudspeaker is automatically activated. If you do not want to use the loudspeaker, you can use a compatible headset.

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Video sharing requirements

To share video, both you and the recipient must:

  • Be in a 3G network. If either of you move outside the 3G network, the voice call continues.

  • Have the video sharing feature activated.

  • Have person-to-person connections set up.

For more information on the service, 3G network availability, and fees associated with using this service, contact your service provider.

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Set up video sharing

To set up video sharing, you need person-to-person and 3G connection settings.

A person-to-person connection is also known as a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) connection. The SIP profile settings must be configured in your phone before you can use video sharing. Contact your service provider for the SIP profile settings, and save them to your phone. Your service provider may send you the settings in a configuration message or give you a list of the needed parameters.

Set up a person-to-person connection

  1. Select > Settings and Connectivity > Admin. settings > SIP settings and a SIP profile.

  2. Enter the needed SIP profile settings.

Modify video sharing settings

Select > Settings and Connectivity > Video sharing.

Use a 3G connection

For details about networks, contact your service provider.

Add a SIP address to a contact

  1. Select > Contacts.

  2. Select a contact and

  3. Select > Share video.

  4. Enter the SIP address in the format username@domainname (you can use an IP address instead of a domain name).

    If you do not know the SIP address for the contact, you can use the phone number of the recipient, including the country code, to share video (if supported by the network service provider).

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Share live or recorded video

During an active voice call, select > Share video.

  1. To share live video, select Live video.

    To share a video, select Video.

  2. Select the desired SIP address or phone number that is stored in the contact card for the recipient. If the SIP address or phone number is not available, manually enter the details, and select OK. If entering a phone number, you need to enter the country code. The invitation is sent to the SIP address.

If you access another application while sharing a video, the sharing is paused.

Continue sharing

Press and hold the menu key, swipe left or right, and select the active call and > Resume video sharing.

Stop sharing video

Select Stop. To end the voice call, press the end key. When you end the call, video sharing also ends.

Save automatically the live video you shared

Select > Settings and Connectivity > Video sharing > Video saving > On.

Accept a video sharing invitation

Select Yes. Video sharing begins automatically.

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