Nokia Asha 306 - How do I start using Mail for Exchange on my Nokia S40 phone?

When you start Mail for Exchange for the first time, you are prompted to do the following:

  1. Give your Exchange mail address, domain, username, and password. The app fetches your MS Exchange server name based on the data you gave. If this fails, you are prompted to give also your server name.
  2. Select your time zone
  3. Define which Exchange items you want to sync. Note that you can later change the items to be synced (Options > Settings > Sync Options).
  4. Depending on your mail server security policy, you may be asked to define a lock password for Mail for Exchange 

If you defined the Exchange items to be synced, the first sync will be done. 

To ensure that Mail for Exchange suits your needs, you should consider the following:

  1. Defining a lock code and a period after which the application is locked if it hasn’t been used (Options > Settings > Security)
  2. Adjusting the period from which messages are retrieved (OptionsSettings > Email)
  3. Defining whether the messages you send are saved (OptionsSettings > Email)
  4. Adjusting how often sync is done on the days and time you define as a peak time, on off-peak time, and when you are roaming (Options > Settings > Schedule)
  5. Selecting more folders to be synced in addition to the default Inbox and Outbox folders (OptionsManage Subscribed Folders)

To personalise your Mail for Exchange, you can do the following:

  1. Define your Inbox layout (Options > Settings > Email)
  2. Create a signature  (OptionsSettings > Email)
  3. Enable or disable Rich Text format  (OptionsSettings > Email)

For detailed instructions on downloading and setting up Mail for Exchange on your Nokia Asha Full Touch screen phone also see the following video:

Set up Mail for Exchange on Asha FT phone