Be Lean and Stay Lean

Be Lean and Stay Lean

Run more apps on your server without losing speed

Be Lean and Stay Lean

With Gartner reporting that two-thirds of server workloads are being virtualised, it means that an increasing number of companies are turning to virtualisation and cloud technologies to eliminate upfront costs, free up resources and ultimately scale up or down as needed.

Because we understand what a modern business needs to succeed, we've built these capabilities into Windows Server 2012 R2. Without additional outlay, your business can evolve to take advantage of all the benefits virtualisation can bring. It's the very definition of doing more with less.

Top Reasons to Virtualise

  • More apps on a
    single server

    Rather than having a dedicated
    server for each business appli-
    cation, you can run more apps
    on a single server, saving on
    hardware and power costs.
    Virtualisation is built into
    Windows Server 2012 R2, so
    you don't have to pay more for
    extra functionality.

  • Stay open for business
    if disaster strikes

    Don’t lose valuable custom in
    case of a power outage, flood,
    break-in or fire. Disaster re-
    covery is integrated with
    Windows Server 2012 R2, repli-
    cating your server on-site, or in
    the cloud as a fully managed

  • Access more data storage on the fly

    From spreadsheets, presentations
    to videos, you need plenty of
    space to store and access data securely. Why spend more on
    Storage Area Networks when
    you can get virtual Storage
    Spaces with Windows Server
    2012 R2, and increase or
    decrease storage on the fly.