Bigger, Stronger and Smarter

Lessons on how technology can help your business from The Boston Consulting Group survey of 4,000 small- and mid-sized business decision makers in 24 markets.

What can technology do for you?

  • Grow your profit

    Nearly 2 out of 3 small and mid-sized business technology leaders say that new technologies will lead to higher revenues and profits or more jobs at their company.

    Extend your reach

    Tech-savvy small and mid-sized businesses are 6x more likely to have international customers.

  • Meet your changing needs

    Twice as many tech-savvy small and mid-sized businesses say that they are innovative thanks to technology.

    Make you mobile

    Technology leaders use cloud services, enabling anywhere access to email and calendars, documents, web conferencing and file sharing.

Small and mid-sized businesses that adopted Microsoft cloud services grew revenue 10% faster than those not using Microsoft.

IT-enabled small and midsize businesses grew revenues 15 percentage points faster than those with less technology.

Microsoft small and mid-sized business solutions provide:

  • Communications

    Email, conferencing, video, IM

  • Productivity

    Document creation and editing, analysis, collaboration, file storage

  • Anywhere access

    Mobile devices and apps, digital tools

  • Advanced tools

    Virtualisation, business intelligence, enabling modern business apps, device management

  • Offers for Your Business

    Stay connected

    Work smarter and save money by signing up for Skype:

    • No-cost voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype's network, plus instant messaging and file sharing, video messaging and more
    • Use Skype on whatever works best for you – phone, computer or TV

    Get modern

    Upgrade to Office 365 and Windows 8.1 Pro and get the latest tools for your business.

    • Save 20% when you purchase a new Windows 8.1 Pro PC + Office 365
    • Save 20% when you upgrade a Windows Pro PC + Office 365

Small Business Successes

Shinola & Windows 8

"If you add up the minutes that we save by doing anything that we need to do wherever we are, it adds up to a 30% increase in productivity."

- Andy Olsen, Planning Manager, Shinola

The right solutions for you

No matter what stage your business is in, Microsoft can help your business work smarter using the right technology.