Meiryo Font Collection Update for Windows Vista and Server 2008 (x86-based version)

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This package updates the Japanese font Meiryo on Windows Vista and Server 2008 (x86-based versions)
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      Meiryo UI is a new Japanese font added to Windows 7. It is optimized to display Japanese text in Ribbon UI. Ribbon UI is a new user interface component which is expected to be used in many applications which run on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. This download package contains the fonts Meiryo UI and Meiryo UI bold. The new fonts will allow applications to optimally display Ribbon UI and can also be used to display Japanese text effectively in other parts of the UI, particularly where text area is limited. All Japanese Windows Vista users are recommended to install this package.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista

      Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
    • Double-click to start the installation process. A system restart will be required.
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