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A unified solution for services performance management

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Today’s talent-driven and project-centric service organisations – including firms in management consulting, IT services, marketing and advertising, architecture and engineering, construction and other demanding disciplines – must perform an increasingly difficult balancing act. They must expand revenue, meet rising client expectations for responsiveness and transparency and develop and retain next-generation professionals. And they must achieve all of these goals without sacrifice on service quality or margins.

Firms that do this well take an increasingly integrated approach to managing their core business challenges:

Building, mining and transforming connections into capital

  • Effective marketing and engagement models

  • Growth of annuity services and cross sales

  • Following clients into adjacent and foreign markets

  • Negotiation of profitable Service Level Agreements

Sourcing and assignment of human, intellectual and capital assets

  • Talent acquisition and performance management

  • Multilingual and multicultural workforce integration

  • Intellectual capital and asset allocation

Innovation and acceleration across people, process and ecosystem

  • Right expertise at the right time anywhere in the world

  • Hybrid service teams

  • Remote service delivery methods

  • Project controls and transparency

Visibility into operations for actionable insights and improved results

  • Real-time visibility into service delivery and billing processes

  • Situational awareness of risk conditions and options

  • Compliance with diverse and evolving regulations

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics AX for service organisations?

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a powerful, agile, simple solution, delivered on a unified technology platform, to help firms like yours streamline service delivery, improve professional productivity and drive sustained profitability.

Service organisations benefits include:

Powerful: Drive service delivery efficiencies across a firm’s global workforce

  • Serve the needs of global clients through resource forecasting and planning.

  • Drive operational consistency with common processes for shared services and intercompany transactions.

Agile: Stay on top of changing and evolving market and client demands

  • Repurpose proven project templates and work breakdown structures to rapidly address evolving service requirements.

  • Ensure delivery against client expectations with flexible contract structures and service level agreements.

Simple: Connect easily with service teams, partners and clients

  • Create project-specific sites for service team collaboration from within Microsoft Dynamics AX using project-type templates.

  • Encourage virtual teaming with presence information, integrated messaging and VoIP (Voice over IP).

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“With Microsoft Dynamics AX, our agencies have a financial system that can evolve and adapt to their ever-changing business needs.”

Randy Weisenburger
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