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Today’s retail landscape offers unprecedented opportunities, along with new and evolving challenges. The increasing choice in products and shopping formats, unparalleled access to information, and economic factors are fueling today’s empowered shoppers, who expect more from their retail experience.

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It is clear that the focus of the retail experience has expanded well beyond the walls of the physical store and now includes everything from the retailer’s website and call center to marketplaces and social networks. With this explosion in customer engagement possibilities comes one of today’s most significant challenges—consumers expect each point of engagement with a retailer to be connected, transparent, and consistent.

How would today’s consumer describe this “complete shopping experience”?

Personal: “The retailer knows who I am and deals with me as a person. Their product offering is exactly what I’m looking for, and I get individual attention and special personalized offers. They help me get the most out of my time and budget.”

Seamless: “I can connect with the retailer wherever and whenever I want, on whatever device I prefer. Whether in-store or online, I get the same great experience from a retailer who knows me. The promotion from my favorite social site travels with me on my mobile device, and I can easily redeem later.”

Differentiated: “The retailer makes it easy for me to get what I want at a good price. Their people are helpful and efficient—they provide excellent customer service. They consistently do a better job than other stores where I shop. I have the best overall experience here.”

One thing is clear: A new retail reality has emerged. Thriving in this new retail reality means that retailers need to be more connected, more empowered, and more proactive than ever before—in a word, they need to be dynamic.

  • Connected to customers across channels to listen, learn, and respond with consistent, convenient experiences—offering customers what they want, where and when they want to shop.

  • Empowered to increase productivity and customer service across a changing global workforce, helping their most valuable assets—people—reach their full potential.

  • Proactive to execute with insight by accessing critical information in real-time, optimizing performance, anticipating trends, and capitalizing on opportunities—a real 360-degree view of the business.

Finally, the Dynamic Retailer wants to take advantage of new market opportunities fast. And that means having the ability to flex, grow, or evolve their business without constraint—introducing new business models with ease or creating and executing workflows on the fly.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics for retail businesses?

As the foundation on which retailers enable their business, technology is more critical than ever, expanding or limiting the ability to seize new opportunities and to deliver the shopping experiences that consumers demand.

Microsoft Dynamics is designed for the critical scenarios that drive retailing today, while enabling the innovative scenarios of tomorrow. Connecting to customers, empowering people, and delivering on the brand promise through excellence in execution, Microsoft is all about helping retailers to become dynamic.


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