What to do if I cannot play videos after updating my Nokia N86 8MP phone software?

This is an issue which may occur in Nokia N86 8MP phone software version 20.115. If some of the video clips cannot be played after updating the phone software to 20.115, the problem can in most cases be solved in the following way:

  1. Start File Manager application by selecting Menu > Applications > Office > File mgr.
  2. Select C: Phone memory
  3. Delete the following 3 files by browsing to the file in the list and selecting Options > Delete:
    • MdfPluginArchive.txt
    • plugin_archive.txt
    • R1_Mobile_4_0.cfg

After deleting the above files, the playing of the video clips should succeed again. Note that the above files will be automatically recreated after playing a video. There is no need to delete the files again after the video playback has started to work.