Nokia Care Protect

Nokia Care Protect extends the original Manufacturers Limited Warranty on your mobile device by offering repair and support for an additional 12 months.Nokia Care Protect helps you achieve peace of mind as your device remains under warranty with no hidden or additional fees. For one up-front price, Nokia Care Protect supports your maintenance and repair needs for an additional 12 months.

With 3 easy-to-choose plan levels, there’s a Nokia Care Protect for every Nokia mobile device.

  • Nokia 1000-2000 range, Nokia 100-200 range, C1, C2, X1, X2
  • Nokia 3000-7000 range, Nokia 300-600 range, C3, C5, C6, X3, X5, X6, E5, E6
  • Nokia Eseries, Nseries, Nokia 700-900 range, C7, X7, E7, N8, N9

To purchase Nokia Care Protect, follow these simple steps:

  • Nokia Care Protect is available at most Nokia Retailers and Nokia Care Centers. Prior to expiration of your Nokia Limited Warranty, contact the retailer of your choice to confirm availability.
  • Purchase the Nokia Care Protect specific to your Nokia device. Refer to the 3 plan levels above.

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