Why do I receive a communication error when I try to use the Nokia Browser on my phone?

If you get a “Communication Error” message when using the Nokia browser it typically means a data connection cannot be established most commonly because of incorrect access point settings. To resolve this issue you should contact your mobile operator to get the correct access point settings and validate you have an active data plan.


If you do know the settings your operator requires you can follow those instructions to manually configure the access point: 1. Click on Menu -> Settings -> Configuration -> Personal Settings2. Click Add (or Options -> Add new if the list is not empty)3. Select Access Point and set the Account Name4. Select Acc. point sett. -> Bearer settings and configure the following:     a. Pack. data acc.pt     b. Network type     c. Authentic. type     d. Username     e. Password6. Go back to Personal Settings (select Back 3 times)7. Select Options -> Add new -> Web and configure the following:     a. Account name     b. Username     c. Password     d. Use pref. acc. pt. (select Yes)8. Go back to Configuration Settings (select Back 2 times)9. Go to Preferred access pt. and select the access point you have just created10. Select Default config. sett. -> Personal config. -> Default11. Select Default in all apps. -> Yes 

If you still have connection issues please contact your operator for help with the access point settings.