Upgrade from Yahoo Mail

It’s now easier than ever to manage your Yahoo Mail account from Outlook.com

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Prioritize your privacy

Unlike Yahoo, Microsoft prioritizes your privacy and doesn't scan your email to serve you ads.

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Fresh design

Outlook.com has a clean user interface that displays more messages, and fewer ads.

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Step 1

Sign up for Outlook.com. If you already have a Microsoft account that you use with Windows, OneDrive, or Xbox, simply create an Outlook.com alias.

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Step 2

The import wizard will migrate your existing email messages, and walk you through the steps to connect to your Yahoo contacts and forward incoming Yahoo Mail messages to Outlook.com.

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Find out how Outlook.com stacks up against Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

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Add Outlook.com to your phone, to see your email wherever you are.

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Outlook and Outlook.com

Use Outlook to send and receive Outlook.com email.

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Get tips for using all the best features in Outlook.com.

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