How can I increase the battery life of my Nokia 301?

The battery life of your phone may vary significantly depending on your usage pattern, operator network configuration and signal coverage. To save the battery power, note the following:

  • Update your phone to the latest software available. Software updates generally bring performance and stability improvements which can also impact the battery life.
  • Always charge the battery fully. If you have a Nokia 301 single SIM and the software version on your device is lower than 2.51 try keeping the phone turned off while charging.
  • Change the synchronization interval for your email account(s) to the longest value acceptable to you or even set it to Manual for accounts you user more rarely. Menu > Mail > Options > Settings, your email account and edit the Update my Inbox settings.
  • Deactivate Bluetooth when not needed. Go to Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth > Off
  • Use wired headphones rather than loudspeaker.
  • If the signal strength of the cellular network varies in your area, your phone must scan for the available network repeatedly, which increases demand on battery power.  If Network mode is set to dual mode in network settings, your phone searches for the 3G network: Select Settings > Phone > Network mode > GSM.
  • If you have switched Mobile data connection to Always on in connection settings and there is no mobile data coverage, your phone periodically tries to establish a mobile data connection: Select Mobile data connection > When needed.
  • Some chat and messaging applications which keep you always online will have a background data connection always active and this will significantly increase the drain on your battery.

Please note that maximum standby times presented in product specifications are measured with the phone in standby mode at all times under good signal conditions. They are a good indicator for the general battery performance of your device but will be higher than the figures you will see in day to day use.