Smarter, more secure growth

Scalability Solutions for a Growing Business

As your business goes places, make sure information stays put.

Get better as you get bigger

Your business is growing, which means more people in more locations sharing more information. With technology from Microsoft, you can make sure everyone is working with the latest documents and data—no matter where they are—while keeping that information safe and secure.

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IT-enabled small and midsize businesses grew revenues 15 percentage points faster than those with less technology.

Tools to grow your business

Office 365

A more mobile Office

With an easy-to-use, web-based admin console, industry-leading malware and spam protection, and a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee, Office 365 provides the perfect tools to help your growing company.

Online workspace
Workspaces with customizable security settings for individual teams within the organization.
Simple file sharing
Easily share files internally and externally and control who sees and edits them.
Security enhanced communications
BitLocker and SSL/TLS encryption services helps protect your email in transit and in your inbox.
Service continuity
We have redundancy at the physical, data, and functional layers, giving you high availability.

Your Windows goes with you

As you grow, so does the demand to work seamlessly and collaborate with partners from practically anywhere, across a range of devices.

Remote workforce
Give your people the power to connect to their primary PC when they’re using another PC somewhere else.
Grow easier
Windows 8.1 Pro makes you eligible for professional grade offerings that make adding licenses easy and more affordable.
More devices, more control
As additional people come on board, manage their devices and your information assets centrally with Windows Intune.
Prevent data loss
BitLocker helps keep everything from documents to passwords safer by encrypting the entire drive that Windows and your data reside within.
Windows Devices

Productivity from nearly any device

Give your business the potential to keep your partners and customers close by working practically anywhere business takes you and your employees.

Line of business apps
Work with the latest mobile versions of Office 365 that make it easy to create, edit and share Office documents on the go.
Tablets for business
Surface comes with a USB port, so you can upload files from a flash drive or connect to presentation-ready projectors and displays.
BitLocker on your phone
Windows Phone 8 delivers hardware-assisted encryption of the entire phone to help keep everything from corporate data to passwords more secure.
Device control
With device management tools like Windows Intune, it’s easy to set compliance policies for all your employees.
Windows Server 2012

A more scalable server

Windows Server 2012 gives your business secure and easily accessible data storage, sharing, and backup for all of your work files, with flexibility to grow as you do.

Bigger is better
You can manage an entire network as a single server, so you get the reliability and scalability of multiple servers at a lower cost.
App deployment options
Hybrid solutions let you build and deploy applications either on-premises or in the cloud—or both at once.
Flexible payment
Since you only pay only for the amount of storage you use, you can scale up or down as your business changes.
Minimized downtime
Automatic rerouting around storage, server, and network failures keeps file services online with minimal downtime.
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