Games for Windows - LIVE: Managing a "Simple Port" (UK)

Gamefest 2011 Presentation
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      Games for Windows – LIVE simplifies the process of porting an Xbox 360 game to the PC. This doesn't mean, however, that the process will be a simple cut-and-paste. Not only do project teams have to tackle the technical challenges of making the game run well on a new platform, they also need to consider a host of issues about the player's experience. There is also a very real possibility that the team will want to fix bugs, add features, and generally increase the scope of the project. Very soon, this isn't a simple port, but instead is a full-blown project of its own. This talk will help prepare a team to test the major areas associated with a PC game—for example, install, compatibility, controls. It also will provide specific advice about testing Games for Windows – LIVE features.
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