How do I use Bluetooth on my Nokia Wireless Image Headset HS-13W?

The Nokia Wireless Image Headset HS-13W headset supports Bluetooth wireless technology, which allows you to connect the headset to a compatible device within 10 meters (32 ft). The connection can be subject to interference from obstructions such as walls or other electronic devices.

This device is compliant with Bluetooth Specification 1.1 supporting the following profiles:- Generic Access Profile- Hands-Free Profile- Generic Object Exchange Profile- Object Push Profile- File Transfer Profile

Profile means a set of Bluetooth commands that your phone uses for controlling the headset. Check with the manufacturers of other devices to determine their compatibility with this device.

Bluetooth passcodeYou need a Bluetooth passcode to pair the HS-13W headset with compatible devices. The passcode is 0000, and you cannot change it. In addition, use the passcode to restrict the use of headset.