Why is the touch screen in my device not locked during a phone call?

Your device (e.g. Nokia N8-00, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00) has a proximity sensor which detects when the phone is close to your ear during a phone call and automatically locks the touch screen to avoid unintended actions, e.g. ending the call by mistake. The proximity sensor is located in the top right corner of the device (on the left side of the light detector and front camera).

If the touch screen is not properly locked during a call, check the following:

  • Check that there is no protective foil tape covering the touch screen which could affect the sensitivity of the proximity sensor.
  • Keep the phone tightly to your ear when you are having a call. Proximity sensor is designed to detect contact from a distance of up to 10 mm and having the phone tightly to your ear will improve the sensor functionality.
  • Do not move the phone during the call. Shifting the phone upwards or moving the upper side farther away from your ear might expose proximity sensor for light and could open the key lock.
  • If needed, use the key lock switch during the call. Turn the key lock on by using the key lock switch after you have answered the call. This will force the touch screen to be locked and moving the phone away from your ear during the call will not open the key lock.