I have problems with Bluetooth connection between the devices. What can I do?

If you cannot find or connect to another device using Bluetooth, check the following:

  • Both devices have the Bluetooth connection turned on.
  • The mobile device should not be in Hidden mode, check this in Bluetooth application My phone's visibility.
  • The distance between the two devices is not over 100 metres (330 feet) or there are no walls or other obstructions between the devices.
  • You can try to turn off the Bluetooth in both devices and reconnect.
  • Reset your mobile device and retry.
  • Update the mobile device software if available. Remember to backup contacts and data before updating.

Note: If the device you try to connect is made by other manufacturer, make sure it is compatible with your device in term of Bluetooth standard.

To find out the Bluetooth version for your Nokia device, visit your local Nokia website http://www.nokia.com, click Find products and check the product technical specification.   

If the problem persists after the above actions, contact your local Nokia Care Point http://www.nokia.com/support