I do not succeed to create Mail for Exchange account on my Nokia C7-00 after Nokia Belle upgrade. What can I do?

Perform the following checklist:

  1. Reboot your phone by removing battery.
  2. Check that the date and time (also year) is correct on your phone.
  3. Check that the SIM card is correctly located on the phone and the Offline profile is not activated.
  4. Check access point, go to Settings > Connectivity > Settings > Network Destinations > Internet. There should be at least one access point which is working ok, for example Internet.
  5. Check that default access point is Internet, Go to Settings > Connectivity > Settings > Network DestinationsOptions > Default Connection > Internet.
  6. Check that your Internet access point is working with other applications.
  7. Go to Mail and select Exchange ActiveSync to set up Email to your device.