Digital Citizenship Toolkit - Brochures, Factsheets & Tip Cards

All of the brochures, factsheets and tip cards in the Digital Citizenship Toolkit
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    Digital Citizenship Begins with You Factsheet.pdf

    Defend Your Computer Brochure.pdf


    DigiDucks Big Decision Book Sample.pdf

    Get Game Smart PACT.pdf

    Help Kids Stand Up to Online Bullying Brochure.pdf

    Help Kids Stand Up to Online Bullying Factsheet.pdf

    Is the Online World More Dangerous Than the Real World Factsheet.pdf


    Making Safer Financial Transactions Online Brochure.pdf



    Play It Safe Gaming Online Brochure.pdf


    Protecting Tweens and Teens Online Brochure.pdf

    Protecting Young Children Online Brochure.pdf

    Protecting Your Information On the Go Brochure.pdf

    Protecting Your Privacy Online Brochure.pdf

    Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft Online Brochure.pdf

    Protecting Yourself from Phishing Scams Brochure.pdf

    Safer Online Socializing Brochure.pdf


    Seniors Stay Safer on the Internet Brochure.pdf

    Take Charge of Your Online Reputation Factsheet.pdf

    Talking Safely Online Brochure.pdf

    Teach Kids Mobile Phone Safety Brochure.pdf

    Top Tips for Internet Safety at Work Tip Card.pdf

    Top Tips for Online Safety at Home Tip Card.pdf

    Top Tips for Online Safety for Secondary Students Factsheet.pdf

    Top Tips for Online Safety in Secondary Schools Tip Card_For Teachers.pdf

    Use Location Services More Safely Factsheet.pdf

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      Microsoft offers a collections of materials in its Digital Citizenship in Action: A Guide to Education & Events Toolkit. The toolkit includes all the elements needed to teach yourself and help educate others about computer security, data privacy, and online safety issues, prevention, and remediation. This section offers brochures, factsheets and tip cards, designed to print and leave behind with several audiences - parents, educators, policymakers NGOs, etc.
  • Supported Operating Systems:

    Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

    • Download relevant pieces to your work or interest. Educate yourself and others about being safer online

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