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Gamefest 2011 Presentation
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      This talk is for the software design engineer implementing a premium experience that relies on a service component on the Xbox LIVE Server Platform (XLSP). Let's face it, downloadable content isn't always downloaded anymore. Cutting-edge titles are implementing innovative, premium online services with consumable assets that may be purchased multiple times and that are tracked, per player, on the title's XLSP service. The purchase flow for these premium services is a critical part of the player's experience, and is essential for collecting revenue. A purchase flow implementation based on a naïve design will work under ideal conditions, but can fail after deployment, possibly depriving legitimate customers of their purchases or allowing cheaters to exploit the system to get the experience for free. This talk will take a detailed look at purchase transactions for consumable items and services, and will present a design methodology that will enable you to create a robust purchase flow that provides a high-quality player experience and resists exploitation.
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