Nokia improvement program and Net Promoter Score

Effective date 25.4.2014

Your Privacy in Nokia improvement program and Net Promoter Score

Nokia Corporation (“Nokia”) Privacy Policy and Microsoft Mobile Oy (“Microsoft Mobile”) Privacy Policy explain how your personal data is processed in context of the parties’ respective products and services. In addition the following applies to your participation in Nokia improvement program and Net Promoter Score in both Nokia and Microsoft Mobile products and services (collectively referred to as the “Program”). “We”, “us”, and “our” refer to Nokia and Microsoft Mobile.

By joining the Program you provide Nokia and Microsoft Mobile with important information relating to the use of our products so that we can improve them. We may also use the information to personalize content to you.

Both Nokia and Microsoft Mobile are independent data controllers for the Program.

What information do we collect?

Certain applications and services of each of Nokia and Microsoft Mobile make use of the Program.

The Program collects the following information about your device, and applications and services on the device. This may also include applications provided by other than Nokia or Microsoft Mobile as well as Nokia and as Microsoft Mobile applications on third party device platforms.

Device, application and service usage

This includes for example device model, operator, country, unique identifier of the device in association with a particular event, for example start and stop events, menu accessed, feature selected or default value changed. System or device status related information may also be collected, for example battery level and if an accessory, for example a headset, is plugged in.

Error diagnostics

This includes information about error situations, for example which actions led to the error.

However, no content, such as emails, SMS’s, documents, notes, search content, content of media files, location data or other such content is collected by the Program.


This includes information such as the score or other rating you give and other feedback you may decide to give to us.

How we use the information we have collected?

Improvement of products and services

The collected information helps us focus our improvement efforts to things that are most relevant to our consumers and to avoid error situations in the future. For these purposes, each party may combine information collected by the Program with other data it may have, for example your Nokia Account.


The collected information helps the parties give you a more personalized experience. To highlight features and services you may find interesting, and if you subscribe to marketing communication, to tailor the marketing messages to you, each party may combine information collected by the Program with other data it may have, for example your Nokia Account.

Note, that a party only combines data collected by the Program with other data it may have relating to its own products and services. In other words, Nokia combines information with other data relating to Nokia services and Microsoft Mobile with data that relates to Microsoft Mobile services.

How do we collect the information?

The Program uses software that is integrated to the device, applications and services in the device to collect and send information to Nokia and Microsoft Mobile. Information is sent only when there is an active connection to the internet and it is compressed to consist of only a few kilobytes per instance.

What are our information sharing practices?

We do not share the information collected by the Program with independent third parties, unless otherwise explained in our privacy policies. However, information collected of a particular third party application may be shared with the provider of that application in aggregated non-identifiable form.

What safeguards are in place?

The information stored inside the device by the Program is protected against unauthorized access and use. The Program uses secured protocols to send the information from the device to our servers. When the information is send, it is deleted at the same time from the device storage. If you opt-out from the Program, the Program no longer collects information. However, any unsent information that was collected before you opted out will be sent together with your opt-out instruction.

Your choices

Your participation in the Program is voluntary. You may choose to turn the Program on and off at any time from the settings of the device, application or service. You may find this option under the application’s menu or in the central settings menu of the device. The option is called “Nokia improvement program” or “Improvement program”.

If you want to exercise your privacy rights relating to the Program, you may contact either Microsoft Mobile or Nokia and your request will be acted upon according to law and the privacy policies applicable to Program.

Other information

You may contact Nokia through the following contact details:

Nokia Corporation
c/o Privacy
Karakaari 7
02610 Espoo

You may contact Microsoft Mobile through customer care or the following contact details:

Microsoft Mobile Oy
c/o Privacy
Keilalahdentie 2-4
02150 Espoo

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