Board of Directors


Director Video Series

This ongoing video interview series features members of our Board and provides an informal opportunity for our directors to discuss their own approaches to their role as a director at Microsoft.

Board Committees

The Board maintains four standing committees to assist it in discharging its oversight responsibilities. Each committee performs its duties as assigned by the Board in compliance with Microsoft's Bylaws and its charter. The specific duties of each committee are described on the following pages:

The directors who serve on these committees are independent. In determining the independence of a director, the Board has adopted director independence guidelines to assist in affirmatively determining that a director has no relationship that would interfere with the exercise of independent judgment in carrying out the responsibilities of a director.

The table below provides current members for each Board committee.

Microsoft Board of Directors Committee Structure and Membership

C = Chairperson M = Member

DirectorAuditCompensationGovernance and NominatingRegulatory and Public Policy
Mr. Hoffman
Mr. JohnstonC
Ms. List-StollMM
Ms. PetersonCM
Ms. PritzkerC
Mr. ScharfMM
Mr. SorensonM
Mr. StantonMM
Mr. ThompsonCM
Ms. WalmsleyMM
Ms. WarriorM
Mr. Gates
Mr. Nadella