Managing our Assets Responsibly

Each day we are entrusted with Microsoft assets and resources. We are committed to using them responsibly and not for our personal benefit. We act in Microsoft’s best interests, and with honesty and integrity. We avoid self-dealing and actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

Financial Integrity

We honestly and accurately record and report business information. We comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding record completion and accuracy. We require that financial transactions be executed in accordance with management’s authorization, and recorded in a proper manner in order to maintain accountability for Microsoft assets. Our financial information reflects only actual transactions and is in compliance with Microsoft and other applicable accounting practices. The CEO, CFO, Corporate Controller, and other employees of the finance organization are also required to comply with the policies. More Info (PDF, Download Microsoft Reader)

Conflicts of Interest

We act in the best interests of Microsoft and exercise sound judgment unclouded by personal interests or divided loyalties.

We avoid the appearance, as well as a reality, of a conflict of interest.

You are expected to disclose conflict of interest situations and seek guidance where necessary from your manager or Human Resources Business Partner.

Fiscal Responsibility

We exercise good stewardship over and spend Microsoft’s funds in a responsible manner.

Use and Protection of Assets

We wisely use and protect the assets of the company, including property (both physical and intellectual), supplies, consumables, and equipment. We use these assets exclusively for Microsoft’s business purposes.

Third Party Software

We use software and other content information when permitted by their associated licenses and/or terms of use, or applicable law (e.g., as a "fair use"). We prohibit the making or using of copies of non-licensed copyrighted material, including software, documentation, graphics, photographs, clip art, animation, movie/video clips, sound, and music, unless permitted by applicable law as determined by Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs.


We establish and maintain clear, honest, and open communications; listen carefully; and build our relationships on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. We apply standards of full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosure in reports and documents that are filed or submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as in other public communications. We are accountable and responsive to the needs of our customers, consumers, and partners and take our commitments to them seriously. Our advertising, sales, and promotional literature seeks to be truthful, accurate, and free from false claims.