Managing & Protecting Information

Confidential and Proprietary Information

We respect our ethical and legal responsibilities to protect Microsoft confidential and proprietary non-public information and communicate it only as necessary to conduct Microsoft business. We do not use this information for our personal advantage or for non-Microsoft business use, and maintain this confidentiality even after Microsoft no longer employs us. More Info (PDF, Download Microsoft Reader)

Fair Information Practices

Our business is built around technologies to manage information, and we treat that information with confidentiality and integrity. We are committed to creating a trustworthy environment for Internet users, and continually striving to protect their online privacy is at the core of this commitment. We have adopted privacy practices, developed technological solutions to empower individuals to help protect their online privacy, and continue to educate consumers about how they can use these tools to manage their personally identifiable information while they use the Internet.

Information Management

We create, retain, and dispose of our business records and information assets, both written and electronic, as part of our normal course of business. Microsoft provides prescriptive retention requirements, best practices, and policies that map to our legal obligations and long-term business needs.

Insider Information and Securities Tracking

In the course of doing business for Microsoft or in discussions with one of our customers, vendors, or partners, we may become aware of material non-public information about that organization.

Information is considered "material" if there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable investor would consider it important in making a decision to trade in the public securities of the company. Individuals who have access to this type of information are called "insiders". We discuss this information on a limited, need-to-know basis internally, and do not share it with anyone outside Microsoft. We do not buy or sell the public securities of a company, including our own, on the basis of such information, and we do not share ("tip") this information with others. Because of the complexity of the analysis and severe penalties associated with "insider trading" and "tipping", contact Legal and Corporate Affairs before you buy or sell public securities in situations where you may be in possession of material nonpublic information. More Info (PDF, Download Microsoft Reader)

Competitive Information

Microsoft has an obligation and is entitled to keep up with developments in our industry, including obtaining information about our competitors. We obtain information about our competitors through honest, ethical, and legal methods.

Social Media

We recognize the role that social media plays in communications and society today. We will protect confidential information and exercise good judgment when participating in social media and networking. More Info (PDF, Download Microsoft Reader)

When blogging and posting on social media sites: