Providing a Dynamic & Diverse Work Environment

Our employees’ passion fuels our success in a competitive, rapidly changing industry. Staying on top requires hiring the best talent around the world and investing in their potential. To attract and retain exceptional people, we provide a dynamic and diverse work environment that fosters collaboration and celebrates personal and professional growth.

Open, Honest and Respectful

In our relationships with each other, we strive to be open, honest, and respectful in sharing our ideas and thoughts, and in receiving input.


Microsoft promotes and supports a diverse workforce at all levels of the company. It is our belief that creating a work environment that enables us to attract, retain, and fully engage diverse talents leads to enhanced innovation and creativity in our products and services.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Microsoft promotes a cooperative and productive work environment by supporting the cultural and ethnic diversity of its workforce. Our collective challenge is to enhance the company’s performance through valuing and understanding differences.

Microsoft is committed to a policy of providing equal employment opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants. This commitment is reflected in all aspects of our daily operations. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, or genetic information in any personnel practice, including recruitment, hiring, training, compensation, promotion, and discipline. We do not discriminate based on any other characteristic protected by applicable state or local law where a particular employee works.

It is the policy of Microsoft to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified employees and applicants who have protected disabilities, including pregnancy-related disability, to the extent required by federal law and any state or local law where a particular employee works.

Use of Information and Technology

At all times, we must use good judgment and common sense; conduct ourselves ethically, lawfully, and professionally; and follow applicable authorization protocols while accessing and using company-provided technology, devices, or services, and related content.

In using company devices and services, we do not create, access, store, print, solicit, or send any material that is intimidating, harassing, threatening, abusive, sexually explicit, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate, nor do we send any intentionally false communications.

Safety and Health

We’re committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment for you by integrating sound safety and health practices within our operations. We comply with applicable workplace safety and health regulations.