Learn more about Technology Licensing

The Microsoft Intellectual Property Licensing group is responsible for licensing Microsoft patents and other forms of intellectual property (IP) such as research technology and know-how. If you believe your business could be enhanced by access to Microsoft IP, please contact us.

IP Licensing Policy

Visit Microsoft’s IP Licensing policy to learn about it and how it applies to academics, software developer kits, and Microsoft's existing standards commitments.

Technology Licensing Programs

Microsoft has a variety of Technology Licensing Programs including component technologies and file formats—programs listed are the most popular.

Open Specifications Licensing Programs

To facilitate interoperability with its most popular products, Microsoft licenses the patents that cover technical specifications for the protocols used to communicate with those products, its most popular binary file formats, and key standards and languages that are implemented in certain Microsoft products. Visit Open Specifications Licensing Programs for details.

Other Protocol Licensing Programs

Microsoft licenses additional communication protocols and other usage scenarios other than what is provided through the Open Specifications Licensing Program. Visit Other Protocol Licensing Programs for details.

Novell Microsoft Patent Cooperation Agreement

To learn more about the Patent Cooperation Agreement between Microsoft and Novell, as well as how these companies are collaborating on Interoperability, please visit Novell Microsoft Patent Cooperation Agreement.

Opportunity Management Center (OMC)

Microsoft has established a comprehensive review process to evaluate third-party business proposals. The Opportunity Management Center (OMC) provides you a safe and effective way to engage Microsoft with your business proposal and ensures you receive timely feedback and relevant resources. The OMC site is designed to help you efficiently submit a business proposal for consideration by Microsoft.