Microsoft Office FrontPage Trademark Guidelines

All companies benefit from the proper use of trademarks. Microsoft invests a lot in the products and technology that its trademarks represent, by developing the products to be top quality and by marketing them so that consumers appreciate and demand that quality. The equity built up in Microsoft products and technology is represented in our trademarks.

This page provides guidelines for properly referring to the Microsoft Office FrontPage trademark.

Using the FrontPage Trademark in Text

FrontPage is a Web site creation and management tool from Microsoft. These guidelines cover the proper use of the Microsoft Office FrontPage trademark to refer to Microsoft Office FrontPage software.

Acceptable Descriptors

Use the appropriate descriptor on first mention when referring to any specific FrontPage-branded software in your materials or on your Web site.

  • FrontPage Web authoring software

  • FrontPage Server Extensions

  • FrontPage Web Developer's Kit

  • FrontPage Web Presence Provider's Kit

Note  In printed material, the first mention should include the properly placed registered trademark (®) symbol. Online, the first mention can include the trademark symbol, but it is not required.

Set the FrontPage Trademark Apart from Other Words or Nouns It Modifies

The common way to set trademarks apart from other words or nouns is to capitalize the product name and use the appropriate trademark symbol and appropriate descriptor. You can also use underlining, italic type, or bold type for the name FrontPage. Examples:

Correct: Create a Web site with the FrontPage creation and management tool

Incorrect: FrontPage Web site

Use Trademark Notices

Include an attribution of Microsoft ownership of the FrontPage trademark in the credit notice section of your documentation or advertisement. The format to follow is shown here:

  • FrontPage is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Do Not Use Inappropriate Descriptors

FrontPage is a trademark that identifies a brand of Web-authoring software and related products and programs from Microsoft. The name FrontPage must be followed by the appropriate program or product descriptor. If necessary, products can be referred to by their relationship to the FrontPage creation and management tool by inserting the word "based" between the name FrontPage and the type of product created with FrontPage.


  • Created with FrontPage Web authoring software

  • FrontPage-based Web


  • FrontPage Web site

  • FrontPage developer

Do Not Use the FrontPage Trademark in the Possessive or Plural Form

Microsoft trademarks should never be used in the possessive form. They should be used as a proper adjective.

Correct: The Microsoft Office FrontPage page tabs allow you to flip between multiple pages without cluttering the desktop.

Incorrect: Microsoft Office FrontPage's page tabs allow you to flip between multiple pages without cluttering the desktop.

Do Not Use Microsoft Trademarks as Part of Your Product Name

Microsoft trademarks may not be incorporated as part of the name of another company's product or service. You may not include "FrontPage" or any potentially confusing variation in the name of your product or service. This same rule applies to other Microsoft trademarks, such as Microsoft, which should never be included in your product name or company name.

Use Microsoft Trademarks in a Proper Referential Manner

Use phrases such as "FrontPage-based" or "created with" in front of "FrontPage" to indicate that the Web site, advertising, product packaging, documentation, or other advertising collateral uses the FrontPage brand software, product, or program. Your product name and company name must appear more prominently than the FrontPage trademark, and the FrontPage name should be visually distinguished from your product name. The FrontPage name should be substantially smaller and less conspicuous than your product name. This is important to avoid any implication that your product is produced, endorsed, or supported by Microsoft.


  • Web siteXYZ is a FrontPage-based Web site

  • Widget Clipart for use with FrontPage

  • Widget Software hosting Webs created with FrontPage


  • Widget Software's FrontPage

  • FrontPage from Widget Web Services

  • FrontPage Web site created by Widget Software

Other FrontPage Trademark Usage Guidelines

Do not create any graphic or design out of the FrontPage trademark, and do not include this trademark or name in any logos created by you or your company.

Do not include the name FrontPage in a domain name or use it to brand your Web site.