Windows Vista Trademark Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure that you are referring to Windows Vista correctly in all print and online communications.

Trademark Usage

Windows Vista is a registered trademark. The official product name includes the trademark symbol (®) as shown here:

Windows Vista®

Note Do not include a registered trademark symbol (®) after Windows when it is part of the Windows Vista name.

Using the Product Name

  • Although Windows Vista (without including Microsoft) is preferred, it is okay to use Microsoft® Windows Vista® on the first mention if it is necessary from a business perspective.

  • The first time that Windows Vista is mentioned in body copy, include a reference to the product as an "operating system." In printed material, the first mention should also include the properly placed trademark symbol. In online material, the first mention can include the trademark symbol, but it is not required.

  • Always use the full Windows Vista name in body copy.

  • Never refer to the product just as Vista. Always include Windows in the product name.

  • Never abbreviate Windows Vista, as Win, WinV, or WV.

  • When Windows Vista is mentioned in printed marketing materials, include the following attribution of Microsoft ownership of the Windows Vista trademark:

    Windows Vista is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Do not refer to applications that work with Windows Vista as "Windows Vista applications." Instead, refer to them as "applications for Windows Vista."

  • Never use Windows Vista in the plural form. For example, do not write "There are three Windows Vistas left on the shelf." Instead write "There are three Windows Vista operating systems left on the shelf."

  • Never use Windows Vista in the possessive, as in "Windows Vista's security features are impressive." Instead write "The security features of the Windows Vista operating system are impressive."

  • Do not use the general term vista to refer to the product, as in "A new laptop for a new vista."

Special Considerations for Third Parties

  • Always maintain a visual distinction between the third-party company and product name and the Windows Vista trademark. Windows Vista should be less prominent.

  • Do not use Windows Vista in your product or service name or in your company name.

  • Do not use product, service, or company names that could be confused with the Windows Vista trademark.

  • Do not mimic or copy Windows Vista product packaging, advertising, or trade dress.

  • Do not create or use any logos that include the Windows Vista trademark unless pursuant to a license from Microsoft.

  • Do not use any Windows Vista brand elements, including the Windows Vista signature (logo), the Start button, the color blends, and screenshots, in third-party materials unless pursuant to a license from Microsoft.