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Increased Productivity
MidAmerican Energy Company needed a way to respond to attacks against their infrastructure. They turned to the SDL and realized a boost in productivity that could be as high as 20%. The company also saw more efficiency and 100 fewer software vulnerabilities in less than 280 days by creating a new culture for how its engineers developed and tested software.
By 2010, MidAmerican Energy was the only business unit inside the larger holding company that external auditors found to have no security vulnerabilities whatsoever.
“That really was the proof in the pudding…this stuff works.”
John Kerber, Information Protection Manager
Gained Competitive Advantage
Adopting the SDL helped Itron, Inc. protect critical power grid infrastructure and gain a competitive advantage in their industry. Extending the application of the SDL beyond the power grid to smart meters then helped the company increase testing efficiencies and reduce the cost of fixing simple mistakes found by expensive testers.
“Security is front and center to what we do as a business…It’s one of the things that makes us unique in an increasingly competitive market.”
Michael Garrison Stuber, Engineering Advisor
Protected Economic Growth
Damaging online attacks are especially threatening in a country whose economy is dependent on companies investing in offshore IT. The Government of India set out to secure its digital economy by using the SDL to define the processes and tools for attack simulations. They are now using the SDL to deliver repeatable and scalable training to over 10,000 cyber forensic investigators.
“Information technology has become absolutely critical to the future of India…It is the thing that we can use to define ourselves in the world and it helps us face our most difficult problems.”
B. J. Srinath, India CERT Senior Director


SDL Progress Report

SDL Progress Report
SDL Progress Report presented by Steve Lipner
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Uploaded:        02/12/13
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