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    xml ( Transact - SQL ) - MSDN - Microsoft
    Is the data type that stores XML data. You can store xml instances in a column, or a variable of xml type.
    XML Serialization in the .NET Framework
    Dare Obasanjo Microsoft Corporation. January 23, 2003. Summary: Dare Obasanjo discusses how XML serialization lets you process strongly typed XML within the .NET ...
    MSDN-[Implementing XML in SQL Server]
    The xml data type lets you store XML documents and fragments in a SQL Server database. An XML fragment is an XML instance that is missing a single top-level element.
    XML Support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    Constraining XML Data Type Columns. In addition to typing an XML column, you can use relational (column or row) constraints on typed and untyped XML data type columns.
    Export XML data
    After you've imported XML data, mapped the data to cells in your worksheet, and made changes to the data, you often want to export or save the data to an XML file.
    Support for xml
    [HOW TO] XmlDocument クラスを使用して XML を読み込み、使用する方法
    この資料では、W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) DOM (Document Object Model) Level 1 Core と Level 2 Core を実装するクラスについて説明して ...
    How to read XML data from a URL by using Visual C#
    Describes how to use the XmlTextReader class to read XML from a URL by using Visual C#. Also provides a code sample that illustrates this task.
    كيفية فتح ملفات XML في 2003 Excel‏
    توضح هذه المقالة كيفية فتح ملفات XML في Excel 2003. يمكنك فتح ملف XML كقائمة XML أو كمصنف للقراءة فقط.
    [ARCHIVED] [SOLVED]Click-to-Run deployment with XML ...
    Hi, I downloaded the office files to a local network share using the XML configs without problems. Now when I am trying to install as a domain administrator
    Do I need XML DOM Document & XML HTTP 3.0 Add-ons for ...
    Do I need XML DOM Document & XML HTTP 3.0 Add-ons for just browsing the web? Are they needed for the normal function of internet explorer or they are ...
    Downloads for xml
    .NET Rocks! - Don Demsak on LINQ to XML
    Don Demsak (DonXML) discusses LINQ to XML and the new XML language features in Visual Basic.
    Word 2003 Sample: Practice files for Introduction to XML
    This download is a collection of sample files for use with the Introduction to XML in Word training course on Office Online.
    User State Migration Tool 3.0 (USMT) XML Elements Reference
    This document describes the XML elements that you can use to author migration .xml files for use with USMT. It is assumed that readers of this document ...
    Office XP: XML Schema for Smart Tag Lists
    The Microsoft Office Smart Tag Lists (MOSTL) Schema allows you to create a simple smart tag in the form of an XML file.
    MSXML (Microsoft XML Parser) 3.0 Service Pack 4 SDK
    The Microsoft® XML Parser (MSXML) 3 SP4 SDK includes header and .lib files, and documentation for the MSXML 3 SP4 Release.
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