• Updated online ClearType tuner

    Redmond, WA. - March 2007

    The online tuner has been updated for Windows Vista users.
  • The ClearType Collection fonts

    Redmond, WA. - 30 January 2007

    Sample layouts and information is now available for download.
  • ClearType Collection article

    Prague, CZ. - 10 January 2005

    The latest issue of Typo magazine has an article on Microsoft's ClearType Collection fonts.
  • PowerToy Tuner

    Redmond, WA. - 1 November 2004

    This Windows XP PowerToy lets you activate and tune your ClearType settings via the Windows Control Panel.
  • The Science of Word Recognition

    Redmond, WA. - 27 July 2004

    Kevin Larson’s unabridged paper on the science of word recognition written from the perspective of a reading psychologist.

  • ClearType tuner updated

    Redmond, WA. - 26 September 2002

    Our updated ClearType Web interface for Windows XP allows users with Windows XP Service Pack 1 to configure ClearType for the rare BGR configuration of color LCD monitor as well as the more common RGB displays.

  • ClearType in Windows XP

    New York, NY. - 25 October 2001

    Windows XP launches with ClearType support.

  • Microsoft's finest achievement

    c|net - 24 June 2001

    "Microsoft's finest achievement with Windows XP may have nothing to do with flashy features. The new operating system uses Microsoft's ClearType font-rendering technology, which makes text viewed on liquid-crystal displays (LCD) unbelievably sharp." Joe Wilcox for c|net.

  • Pixel perfect

    MIT - 16 May 2001

    Microsoft has received its first major ClearType patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Study - ClearType helps

    Clemson, SC. - 11 April 2001

    A study undertaken by researchers at Clemson University reveals that users preferred text rendered with Microsoft ClearType and that ClearType yielded higher readability judgments and lower ratings of mental fatigue.

  • ClearType paper presented

    Redmond, WA. - 16 May 2000

    A ClearType related paper 'Technical Overview of ClearType Filtering' was presented at the Society for Information Display 2000 conference today.
  • Microsoft issues ClearType technology release

    Redmond, WA. - 7 April 1999

    Advice for hardware manufacturers.

    For more ClearType related news, see our

    ClearType news links page.
  • ClearType in Windows
  • Windows XP was Microsoft's first operating system release to include system wide ClearType support. Windows 7 includes a built-in ClearType tuner that can be found in the Control Panel under Appearance and Personalization. Windows Vista and XP users can use the ClearType Web tuner or downloadable PowerToy Tuner to tune their ClearType settings.
  • ClearType magnified
  • This is a picture of ClearType under extreme magnification, with the sub-pixels of an LCD explicitly rendered to show the structure of the ClearType letterforms.

  • ClearType timeline
  • 15 November 1998

    ClearType officially announced during COMDEX/FALL '98 - press release.

  • 26 January 2000

    First ClearType screen grabs released to the public.

    18 April 2000

    First ClearType enabled product, The Microsoft Reader for Microsoft Pocket PC is released.

    8 August 2000

    The Microsoft Reader with ClearType is released for Windows based laptop and desktop computers.

    25 October 2001

    Windows XP, with ClearType support is launched.

    26 October 2001

    Online ClearType tuner released.

    26 September 2002

    Updated online tuner allows ClearType for rare BGR displays supported by Windows XP SP1 to be activated and tuned.

    22 September 2004

    Windows XP PowerToy version of the ClearType tuner posted.

    January 2007

    Windows Vista and Office 2007 ships with ClearType Collection fonts and ClearType on by default.

    March 2007

    Windows Vista versions of online ClearType tuner posted.

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