Getting the most out of IT in schools: Resources for educators

IT in schools: efficient classroom technology

With the right classroom technology, you can transform the learning experience.

Beyond the blackboard: IT in schools

From the latest education software and IT in schools to devices that captivate entire classrooms, Microsoft’s new tools, such as Office 365 for education, give students the classroom technology they crave— and an opportunity to learn in new ways.

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Currently, 50% of the jobs students prepare for require some form of technology skills.

Teaching tools from Microsoft

Hands-on learning at its finest

From its intuitive, touch-based interface to its effortless connectivity features, Windows 8.1 turns learning into a smile-inducing interactive experience.

Learning made personal
Students and teachers can connect and collaborate through Skype for Business and the suite of Office apps.
Great devices
Runs on a wide range of tablets and PCs, on which students can choose a pen, finger, mouse, or keyboard.
Compatibility & Security
Windows 8 is compatible with your hardware and software while security features keep parents involved.
Windows Devices

The ultimate learning tools

With such portability and useful out-of-the-box apps, students of all ages will appreciate the benefits of a Windows Device in their hands.

Designed for the classroom
Devices like the Surface RT are optimal for reading books, writing reports, watching videos, and collaborating on group projects.
Loaded with apps
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT are included with the Surface RT, offering the tools students and educators use most.
Better for sharing
Unlike many other tablets, Surface comes with standard ports for printing and projecting.
Office 365

Anytime, anywhere productivity

With the Office suite of apps, students can build presentations, write reports, and communicate, all from desktops or portable devices.

Learn virtually anywhere
Students can use online versions of apps like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel virtually anywhere.
Share your work
Students and educators can remotely access, sync, and share information using OneDrive—featuring up to 25 GB of personal storage.
Keep things private
Student privacy is paramount: Microsoft never scans emails or documents for advertising purposes.
Skype for Business

Collaboration made easy

Skype for Business makes group homework assignments a breeze. With the click of a mouse, students are instantly connected and ready to collaborate.

Connect with others
Create and join audio and video meetings with people outside the classroom – even if they’re not using Skype for Business.
Present more clearly
Enhance online presentations with screen-sharing and virtual whiteboards.
Use the device you want
Get a consistent and familiar experience on Windows PCs, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.
  • An education in cutting costs

    Play and Learn saves big with Office 365

    Providing a fun learning experience to over 1,200 children became much more affordable after Play and Learn avoided costly server upgrades by adopting the cloud services of Office 365.