Keep improving with Microsoft change management tools

Microsoft Change Management Tools

How do you evolve your business, while staying the same?

Microsoft change management tools for the modern business

Managing change in your organization? Whether you’re moving into automation, improving efficiency ramping up production or just pursuing new avenues for growth, Microsoft change management tools offer businesses like yours advanced enterprise-ready technology to make it happen, so you can stay focused on the things that got you here.

Click on these tools to learn how they can help your business with managing change.

Twice as many tech-savvy small and Midsize business leaders say they are innovative thanks to business technology.

Tools to take you to the next level

Office 365

A smarter, more sophisticated Office

Office 365 includes change management tools to help keep your business both productive and profitable with a 99.9% uptime, financially backed SLA and the ability to add thousands of users on demand.

Control costs
Optimize IT resources by choosing an online subscription, a server running at your business, or a combination of the two.
Online connections
By connecting online, help your business reduce the operating costs of travel, IT, and separate phone lines.
Security enhanced hosting
Your data is hosted in geographically-distributed datacenters, with continuous backup and premier disaster recovery capabilities.
Enterprise social media
Offer your organization a private social network with Yammer, so your teams can self-organize and respond to opportunities more quickly.

Built for business

Windows 8.1 Enterprise offers the enterprise-grade solutions organizations need on a platform they know—from new mobile apps, to Office productivity, to accessing all your data from anywhere.

Apps for the business
Develop and deploy line-of-business and customer-facing applications in an immersive full-screen experience.
Central management
Configure cross-device deployment and manage your company’s information and technology infrastructure.
Direct access
Users can seamlessly access resources inside a corporate network remotely without having to launch a separate VPN.
A more secure environment
AppLocker restricts the files and apps that users or groups can run on a PC, increasing the security of the device and the data it holds.
Windows Devices

Productivity from any device

Let your people work when and where they like with familiar tools that work across their favorite mobile devices.

Powerful and portable
Windows Phone features built-in apps like Office 365, plus it supports custom apps developed by your business as well.
Windows to Go
Offer more mobility options with a fully manageable, corporate image installed on a bootable certified USB drive that works online or offline.
Helps secure your data
As employees come and go, your data needs to stay more secure. Remote business data removal helps you erase critical content, whether on a personal or business device.
Windows Server 2012 R2

Data storage made safe and simple

With Windows Server 2012, you can organize, integrate and automate your business processes so you can spend more time driving better business outcomes.

Simplify IT
By virtualizing your infrastructure, you can respond to business needs faster, support self-service delivery, and eventually move to the cloud.
Control your data
Use centralized IT management to make sure systems are up to date, and control who has access to your documents.
Stay flexible
Pay only for the amount of storage you need, so you can scale up or down as your business changes.
Microsoft Azure

More open to possibilities—and opportunities

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform for evolving businesses managing change and looking to capitalize on opportunities, quickly and at scale.

Up and on
Microsoft Azure delivers a 99.95% monthly SLA and enables you to build and run highly available applications without focusing on the infrastructure.
Open and flexible
Use any language, framework, or tool to build applications that meet the unique needs of your people and your business.
Get to market quickly
Get line-of-business applications in the hands of your workforce quickly—provision a production web application in minutes.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Build better relationships

Work as one and focus on the customer by giving your sales, marketing, and customer care teams the tools to deliver personal experiences across every interaction.

Keep things personal
Get insight into your customers and how you can better adapt to meet their needs with real-time data.
Pairs with Office 365
Share information more easily through familiar Office apps and collaboration tools like Lync.
Protect customers
It’s not just your data, it’s your customer’s data too. Back it with enterprise-grade security and privacy.
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  • Big data. Small energy bill.

    How Fusionex uses data to reduce energy consumption.

    To improve efficiency, Fusionex helped its customers implement a Big Data solution based on Microsoft Azure HDInsight Service. The results reduced energy consumption by 20 percent.