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A lesson in efficiency with Microsoft Education Solutions

The right school management software can transform a school into a dream machine—and the wrong technology can be its worst nightmare. With proven efficiency, Microsoft education solutions will enable you to keep your institution running smoothly, saving time and money, and saving yourself a lot of exasperation.

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Organizations using Windows Server 2012 expect to save 15 hours of productivity per employee per year.

IT tools from Microsoft

Office 365

More manageable, more secure

Run things the way you want. Office 365 provides the flexible school management software that you need to run your educational institution the way that works best for you.

Up to date
No need to pay for version upgrades to Microsoft education solutions and Office 365 products; updates are included in your subscription. New features are rolled out to Office 365 customers in an IT-configurable experience.
Improved security
Cutting-edge security practices with five layers of security and proactive monitoring help keep your institution’s data safe.
Reduce costs
Free up the time and resources associated with deployment, maintenance, and management of on-premises servers.

One OS across all your devices

Windows 8.1 Enterprise offers a consistent, secure, and modern experience across all devices, making your life easier and your staff happier.

Working anywhere
Students, faculty, and staff can connect to their primary PC when using a separate PC or device.
Scale easier
Windows 8 Enterprise makes you eligible for professional grade offerings, which makes adding licenses easy and and provides affordable IT for education solutions.
More devices, more control
As people come and go in your institution, manage devices with effective school management software such as Windows Intune and help protect data with BitLocker Drive Encryption.
Keep current
Now is an ideal time to make the move from Windows XP SP3: support ends on April 8th, 2014.
Windows Intune

Intuitive device management

With Intune you can more easily manage PC, Mac, and mobile devices, whether it’s from the cloud or from your existing IT for education infrastructure.

Stronger security
Configure device deployment to manage and help secure your institution’s information assets.
Broad device support
A web-based administration console provides simplified management of Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
Offer controlled access
Give students, staff, and administrators access to the IT for education resources they need on the devices they choose.
Windows Server 2012 R2

More control and more security enhancements

Microsoft education solutions, such as Windows Server 2012 R2 can provide your school with a secure, reliable and cost-effective platform for powering apps, networks, and web services.

Improve performance
Run your largest workloads while enabling robust recovery options to protect against outages.
Application focused
Build, deploy, and scale applications and websites by unlocking portability between on-site and cloud environments.
Straightforward and effective
Deliver multi-tenant-aware storage and multi-tenancy capabilities on low-cost, industry-standard hardware.
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  • Working in Harmony

    Daniela Fitzgerald designs working spaces to foster creativity and collaboration, and invested in Office 365 to support staff collaboration.