Digital Literacy Basic Curriculum

The Microsoft Digital Literacy Basic Curriculum provides absolute beginners with the first course they need to begin to use a computer. This course is ideal for learners who are a bit shy about working with a computer and are using a computer for the very first time.

Microsoft Digital Literacy: First Course

This e-learning course can be played online or downloaded to be played on a local machine. It begins with friendly videos that explore how computers are an essential part of school, work, and modern life. The course then provides hands-on lessons about using the mouse and keyboarding.

A 56K connection or faster connection is recommended to access the offline options.

Microsoft Digital Literacy: First Course

Lesson 1: Welcome to the World of Computers

Objectives1.1. Describe the importance of computers in today's world.1.2. Describe how computers are used at home.1.3. Identify the benefits of using the Internet.1.4. Identify the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Lesson 2: Mousing Around

Objectives2.1. Describe the mouse and its types.2.2. Explain how to hold the mouse correctly.2.3. Perform the click functions of the mouse.2.4. Perform the drag function of the mouse.

Lesson 3: Keyboarding

Objectives3.1. Describe the keyboard and its types.3.2. Describe the correct hand placement for the keyboard.3.3. Describe types of keys on the keyboard.3.4. Use the alphanumeric keys on the keyboard.