Migela Evans jumping with a smile in front of the building.
DigiGirlz alumna to Microsoft employee

Migela Evans

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Sticking with Plan A

Photos by Scott Eklund / © Microsoft

Migela Evans knows what she wants.

Migela Evans smiling and standing with her bike.

"I've wanted workat Microsoft ever since I attended Microsoft's DigiGirlz Camp while in high school," she says from her new office as a Support Engineer for Azure. "When I got my job offer, I was so excited that I just about fell out of my chair." Migela claims that her determination is "a family thing." She not only enjoys unwavering support from her parents, but they pushed her to find and follow her own passions.

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Migela attended a magnet elementary school where she was introduced to technology at a young age. "I liked that I could use computers to make other school work easier," she remembers. "I also enjoyed the feeling of being able to help others troubleshoot their tech issues."

Even though there weren't other young women in her tech-oriented classes, Migela says, "I just ran with it. The work made me happy, so that was all that mattered. And, of course, my family was really supportive."

Prior to her senior year of high school, Migela attended DigiGirlz in North Carolina. It was there that her interest in technology came into laser focus around a career path. She says, "DigiGirlz opened my eyes to a plethora of IT-related fields and positions. What I liked most about the camp was that it allows young women to have first-hand experiences in career fields that are traditionally male dominated."
When I got my job offer, I was so excited that I just about fell out of my chair

"When I was a little kid, I remember that a lot of boys would fantasize that they wanted to grow up to be astronauts," she says, "At DigiGirlz, I also met girls who aspired to be astronauts and were taking the steps to actually make that happen. The different paths that these girls were taking was inspirational."

Later as a student of Computer Information Systems at North Carolina Central University, people would often ask Migela about her career plans. She would always give the same answer: "I am going to work at Microsoft." When they cautioned her that maybe she should have a Plan B, she responded, "Just trust me on this one. I've known I'm going to work at Microsoft since my first day of DigiGirlz."

While Migela was in college, The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) asked her to be part of a group that met with the Chief Technical Officer of the United States at the White House. She participated in a round table discussion, alongside groups from Starbucks and Microsoft, about how to best introduce technology into schools.

Migela Evans is taking a selfie.
If you find your passion now, then everything else will follow

"From going to the White House to now being at Microsoft," she reflects, "I am still following my interest in helping people become more efficient through technology and helping troubleshoot their tech challenges."

Beyond supporting Azure customers from all over the world, Migela has had the honor of being a guest speaker at DigiGirlz in North Carolina and Texas. She tells the young women in attendance, "I used to be you."

She wants to make sure that they all understand the career opportunities that are available to them if they put their minds to it. "If you find your passion now, then everything else in life will follow," she states. "If you do what you love, you'll never have to 'work' another day in your life."

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