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Executive Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at Microsoft

Microsoft has a comprehensive plan to promote and integrate global diversity and inclusion at every level within our organization and in everything we do. Microsoft’s executive staff are committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are a part of our everyday business, from acquiring and retaining great talent to serving customers and developing innovative products. They see diversity and inclusion as a long-term business strategy that will help enable the future success of the company.

Bill Gates on Diversity and Inclusion

The collaborative energy that is created when talented people from different backgrounds come together to focus on innovation has helped fuel Microsoft's success for more than 30 years. As we bring our innovations into more and more markets around the world, and as we strive to bridge the digital divide so that people at all levels of society can benefit from the opportunities of the global knowledge economy, we recognize that it's more important than ever to honor diversity, both inside Microsoft and in the communities where we live and work.

—Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder & Technology Advisor

Satya Nadella on the Importance of a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Delivering devices and services people love to use all over the world is only possible if all employees are empowered to contribute their best ideas. Building truly differentiated products only happens when we work together as teams and value each individual’s unique perspective.

—Satya Nadella, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer

Gwen Houston on Global Diversity & Inclusion Leadership

Satya Nadella takes over at the helm of Microsoft as the company is experiencing the greatest change in its 39-year history. It was, and is, essential that we have strong and unwavering leadership to drive the right messages and lessons of diversity and inclusion into the heart of the company. As our new CEO, Satya demonstrates this by bringing a relentless drive for innovation and a spirit of inclusion and collaboration to this critical role.

—Gwen Houston, General Manager, Global Diversity and Inclusion, Microsoft Corporation