Employee Resource Group

HOLA is a Microsoft employee resource group that provides professional development and networking opportunities for members and allies of the Latino/Hispanic community.

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Interesting Facts

  • More than 1,200 employees are members of the ERG, which has 12 chapters, including local chapters in Washington, New York, California andTexas, and group chapters such as Hispanics in CELA, FinLat, and Xbox Latinos.

Who we are

HOLA’s vision is to educate and connect Microsoft to the Latino/Hispanic community and advance Microsoft’s global diversity strategy.

HOLA aims to:

  • Enhance employee development and support building a pipeline within Microsoft through aiding in recruiting, retaining and advancing current and future employees in the Latino/Hispanic community.
  • Engage the Latino/Hispanic community in the development of products and services.
  • Be a resource for promoting our products to the global Latino/Hispanic communities and organizations.

HOLA engages at Microsoft by:

  • Supporting the global diversity and inclusion strategy, focusing on representation, inclusion and market innovation.
  • Promoting career and leadership development in the Hispanic/Latino community, and addressing the concerns and needs of employees of Hispanic/Latino descent.
  • Assisting in recruiting the best and the brightest to Microsoft.
  • Promoting Latino/Hispanic heritage by sharing our cultures and languages with other Microsoft employees.
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