Diversity Investing

At Microsoft, we see no limits to the potential we all might realize. We believe in creating opportunities for people to succeed—with our products, in our workplace, and in our communities. Because of our belief in creating opportunities, Microsoft developed the minority investment program in 2000, actively seeking ways to better distribute our investments into smaller, underserved communities. Through these investments, we hope to enable communities and businesses in underprivileged areas to realize their full potential.

Research conducted by Microsoft and the Urban Institute has shown that minority-owned businesses are falling behind in adopting and implementing information technologies for important business functions. We believe this gap exists largely because of a lack of resources—including training, money, and time—for these businesses. The Diversity Investing program aims to increase funding options for businesses that have historically been limited by lack of capital.

The Diversity Investing program directs investment business to qualified minority-owned financial firms and invests in minority-owned financial institutions positioned to understand and address the unique needs of their business community. We have nearly $60 million of unsecured deposits in minority-owned banks and direct more than $2 billion of investment business volume to minority-owned brokers and asset managers.

Download the Microsoft Depository Banking Application (Microsoft Word document, 72 KB)