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Accessibility at Microsoft

Accessibility makes it easier for anyone to see, hear, and use a computer, and to personalize their computer to meet their own needs and preferences. For many people with impairments, accessibility is what makes computer use possible.

At Microsoft, our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. We consider our mission statement a promise to our customers. We deliver on that promise by striving to create technology that is accessible to everyone—regardless of age or ability.

Microsoft recognizes and values the capabilities and contributions of all people—including those with disabilities. We are a more successful company because of our efforts to recruit and employ top quality people including those who happen to have disabilities. And we recognize that our employees with disabilities make an added contribution by helping us reach a broader market for our products.

Support for Employees

Microsoft understands that accommodating and enabling employees to perform the necessary functions of their jobs ultimately enhances our ability to develop great products and services for everyone. Microsoft provides ergonomic hardware and assistive technology consultation so employees can be productive, comfortable, and injury-free at work.

Microsoft also offers employees a rich community of Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and Employee Networks (EN) that help to foster Diversity & Inclusion across the company. The Cross Disability (XD) ERG includes constituents of employees with conditions such as deafness, blindness, visual impairments, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), mobility disabilities, and dyslexia. The mission of the XD ERG is to enable employees at Microsoft to reach their full potential through inclusion, representation, access to accommodations and in doing so, be the employer of choice for people with disabilities globally.

Accessibility as a business practice

At Microsoft, accessibility is a business practice. Accessibility is part of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing efforts which focus on integrity and responsibility in our business practices. Microsoft recognizes that trust in computer technology is directly related to trust in the technology industry.

Microsoft takes a strategic approach to accessibility by focusing on integrating accessibility into product planning, research and development, product development, and testing.

Microsoft takes a strategic approach to accessibility by: