01 Introduction to Podcasting


01 Introduction to Podcasting

A podcast is a kind of broadcast, a single radio program, invented in 2004 that automatically delivers a digital audio to portable players and handheld computers. Subscribers are notified when there is a new episode or podcast. There are three kinds of podcasts. Audio podcasts, enhanced podcasts and video podcasts.

Girl listening to headphones.

Audio Podcast

Audio podcasts are usually an MP3 file, a way to store digital audio, and are the most common types of podcasts.

Enhanced Podcast

Enhanced podcasts can have images to go along with the audio. They can also have chapter markers, making it easier to skip to different portions of an episode.

Video Podcast

Video podcasts are movies, complete with sound. Video podcasts can be in a variety of formats.

01 Introduction to Podcasting


This course will lead you through the following activities, concluding with you creating your own podcast on your computer and posting it out to the public via the Internet. Below is a suggested timeline for successfully completing your podcast:

Pre-Produce your podcast

  • Plan your podcast: Activities “Did you Know?” and “Do It Differently”
  • Decide and write your actual podcast segment
  • Write tagline and teaser
  • Write final podcast script (Tagline, teaser and podcast segment)

Record Your Podcast

  • Record podcast (no sound effects, music)

Post-Produce Your Podcast

  • Practice Editing (File One, File Two interlace)
  • Arrange, trim actual clips
  • Add music and sound effects

Publish Your Podcast

  • Export finished recording
  • Identify Web server, upload to it
  • Create RSS feed
  • Submit feed to podcast directories
  • Advertise, Educate, Plug, etc.

01 Podcasting Glossary

recorded sound
a single radio program
Bumper music:
short music clips used between segments
Digital audio:
sound that is used by a computer
a person who introduces the podcast and each of its segments
a device that changes sound into electronic signals
a popular way to store digital audio
a kind of broadcast invented in 2004 that automatically delivers digital audio to portable players and handheld computers
putting sound into electronic form
a complete part of a podcast, usually written and spoken by one or two people
Tag line:
Clever, cool or witty slogan used throughout a podcast (For example: “Radio for Kids, by Kids”)
the first audio heard in a podcast where the host gets the audience excited to hear more

01 Equipment Software & Related Issues

Equipment you will need:

  • Built-in microphone on a computer
  • USB headset microphone (Logitech)
  • Digital voice recorders

Software you will need:

  • Windows: Audacity
  • Mac: Garage Band

Issues & Concerns:

  • Individuals and groups
    • Privacy for online posting
    • Appropriate use issues
  • Content

    • Permission to use content
    • Appropriateness of content
    • Legal responsibilities for content
  • Technical Support

    • Server space
    • Training
    • Aggregating
  • Recording Management

    • Record short portions of audio at a time
    • Record Intro after all segments are recorded
  • File Management

    • Plan ahead where you are saving files in progress