03 - Pre-Production


03 - Pre-Production

Before you even think of stepping up to the microphone, there is some planning to do. In fact, preproduction can take up to three-quarters of the time it takes to produce your podcast. It is during this time you will need to spend time practicing what you will say in your podcast.

Who will actually be heard in the recording? Should you have a host? What segments do you plan for the show?
Who will listen to the podcast? Is it your friends? Is it your parents? Is it peers in another state or another grade level?
The more creative, the better! Do you want a theme song?
This will depend on your audience. Start short and grow if needed.
The script should be written and you should practice before recording. Many people tend to have trouble speaking at an appropriate volume and speed. Practice. Practice and more practice. Did we mention practice?
Remember to speak slowly and clearly so everyone can understand you.

03 - Pre-Production

What to Podcast?

One podcast can have multiple segments or just one. There are many different types, purposes and formats when creating your own podcasts segments. These are also known as “genres” of podcasting, just like in television or movies. Below are a few ideas to help you get started in creating your first podcast segment.

Did You Know?

Share something you think others would want to learn.

  • Travel guide/town tours
  • Holiday spotlight
  • Interviews
  • Bad joke, good joke
  • Poetry corner
  • Science experiments

Do it Differently

Is there something in the world that bothers you? Or you want a rule changed?

  • Weekly/daily news broadcast
  • Document a trip
  • Record a discussion
  • Share book reviews
  • Share reading circle discussions
  • Reader’s Theater

Start activity #1

03 - Activity 1: Segment Idea - Did You Know?

  • Read informational books and Web sites with interesting facts.
  • Write down something you think others would want to learn.
  • Write down where you found the information.

Interesting Fact

Turn your fact into a question:

  • Practice saying your question out loud.
  • Say your question in an interesting way.
  • Remember to speak slowly and clearly so everyone can understand you.

Print Worksheet

03 - Activity 1: Segment Idea - Do it Differently

  • Is there a rule you want changed?
  • Is there something in the world that is bothering you?
  • Then share what you would do differently!

The rule or situation you want to change:

Why change it?

How would you change it?

  • Practice telling others about what you want to change and how you would change it.
  • Remember to speak slowly and clearly so everyone can understand you.

Print Worksheet

03 - Activity 1: Segment Idea of Your Own

How about a podcast segment that explains concepts? Maybe a word of the week? Or a Math concept of the week? Or a Math problem of the week where people go to your blog and as a response they submit their explanation of how they solved it? Use the space below to create your own podcast segment if the previous two do not meet your needs.

My segment idea is...

Podcast segment description:

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03 - Activity 2: Creating a Tag Line

In this activity you will create a tag line. A tag line is a clever, cool or witty slogan used throughout your podcast. You can create one tag line and use it throughout all of your podcasts. The idea behind a tag line is to create a memorable phrase that will stay in your audience's memory so when they hear your tag line they will remember your podcast and want to tune into the next one. Examples of famous movie/television tag lines are:

  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... – Jaws 2
  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... – Star Wars
  • To boldly go where no man has gone before – Star Trek

Now that you have some examples of tag lines, write down three clever, cool and witty sayings to be used for your podcast. Try making up tag lines that:

  • Rhyme
  • Use words that have the same beginning sound
  • Use humor

Let's write some tag lines!

03 - Activity 2: Creating a Tag Line

Tag Line #1:

Tag Line #2:

Tag Line #3:

After creating three tag lines practice saying them out loud. Say each of your tag lines to ten people. Ask each person to vote for his or her favorite one. Put a checkmark next to the tag line each time someone votes for that tag line. The tag line with the most votes will be used in your podcast.

Print Worksheet

03 - Activity 3: Creating the Teaser

The “teaser” is the last part of your podcast to be written but the first part to be heard. The teaser introduces all the upcoming segments of the podcast to the listeners. This is where you get your listeners excited to hear more! Here is an example of a teaser: “In the first half of today's podcast, we'll talk about the important role music plays in the lives of today’s teens. Then, we'll talk with a local DJ and hear some music from a local teen band.”

You have now created a tag line and one or two segments that will be heard in the podcast, such as “Did you know?” or “Do it differently.” Now it is time to get your audience excited about your podcast. Since the teaser introduces your listeners to all of the upcoming segments you will need to include the following:

  • The name of the host (this may be you or someone else)
  • The tag line for the podcast
  • What the audience will hear in this podcast
  • Who is making the podcast (for example: Ms. Gaub’s TechREACH girls)

Let's write some tag lines!

03 - Activity 3: Creating the Teaser

Use the space to the right to create your teaser. After you are finished, practice saying the teaser out load. Say it to a couple of friends. Remember to speak slowly so everyone can understand you.

Example Teaser:

Hello, my name is (NAME OF HOST) and you are listening to (TAG LINE FOR PODCAST). Today we will hear (TEASER – WHAT THE AUDIENCE WILL HEAR).

Practice makes perfect

Create Your Teaser:

Print Worksheet

03 - Activity 4: Writing Your Podcast Script

Now that you've created your podcast segment, tag line and teaser, you are ready to start on the path of becoming a world renowned podcaster! You will now create your final podcast script.

Writing Your Script

Write out your script. If you are working by yourself, you might be able to get away with good notes to talk from, but a group of people will need a good script to follow. Skimping here will result in a less than stellar podcast!

When writing your script here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Have the script proofread and practice it at least once.
  • Add cues to remind you where to pause, add emphasis, etc. Don't be afraid to make mistakes in your recording. Just say stop, and try again. The file can always be edited later.
  • In audio, you need to get to the point. Read and re-read your copy, eliminating redundancy. Find shorter ways to say just about anything. Write your script, then read it out loud to yourself and time it. Imagine you have to trim 10 seconds off the final narration. Keep editing, trimming 10 seconds, repeatedly, until you can't possibly trim any more without losing important content.

Start my script!

03 - Activity 4: Writing Your Podcast Script

Use the space to the right to create your podcast script:

Podcast Title:

Tag Line:


How would you change it?

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